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Pitch Allocations - March 2017

Latest Pitch Availability


The Pitch Hotline number is 01633 211907 


Details for Weekend of 12th March 2017


NCC have declared following pitches unfit for play this weekend, affected games have been re-arranged with home team:


Coronation Park pitches 2,3,and 4

Tredegar Park Pitches1,2,3 and 5

Glebelands Pitches 2 and 3


All other pitches are fit for play this weekend subject to a referees inspection at time of play.




This table is listed as a guide to pitch allocations - if the pitch Hotline states a listed pitch is unfit do not automatically assume the game is off - it may be transferred to another pitch/venue.


It is the responsibility of the home team to notify any changes to the visiting team


Please note all pitches are always subject to thorough referee's inspection at the time of play. This should be done as close to kick off time as possible allowing enough time to notify the opposition if the pitch is deemed unfit.


The referee/team leader has a personal obligation to satisfy himself/herself that the pitch is fit for junior/youth football


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