Mini-Fixtures - 2019\2020

Mini Fixtures - The Pitch Hotline number is 01633 816035

Pitches Update - No matches are to be played across existing marked full size pitches as these are all declared unfit for play. The pitches listed for Competitive age group games are not to be used for mini games .If you play on a separate area away from a marked pitch then these games can go ahead subject to usual pitch safety conditions. Private pitches (e.g. Play football, Fugitives Ground, Welfare ground, Whiteheads Sports Ground) are not affected by this.

Fixtures Nov-Dec 2020

Please note that ALL matches in Newport this season are friendly fixtures and under FAW rules have to be sanctioned by the parent league.

In Newport this means that the ONLY agreed, sanctioned, friendly matches are those on fixture lists issued by the League.

For ANY other games permission must be sought from, and agreed by, the league. Requests must come through the Club Secretary or Fixture Secretary. Without agreement from the league any games played are unauthorised and participating teams have no FAW insurance and leave themselves open to disciplinary action.

Where friendly fixtures other than those on fixture lists issued by the league are sanctioned the pitch must be booked with Newport Live by the home team not the League








Small Sided Football is a modified version of the 11-a-side game. It gives children the chance to play real football, for a real team, whilst experiencing an enjoyable and fun introduction to football through small sided games.



Under 7:   4 v 4  (no goalkeeper)


Under 8:   5 v 5  (goalkeeper introduced)

Under 9:   5 v 5

Under 10: 7 v 7

Under 11: 7 v 7 






Please note the following information from Newport City Council


"When a pitch is called off it is for the whole of that weekend period eg Sat & Sundays, this includes youth and mini games

We are aware that the mini's often continue to play their games and their excuse is that they don't cause as much damage as an adult team. Newport City Council do not accept this and should the damage caused by the use be of any significant amount, a charge for repair will be made to the offending team/s.

It is not acceptable for games to be played on any pitch once it has been called off, like wise using areas of open space or sections of ground adjacent to the pitch as these areas are usually uneven and not suitable for organised games such as football etc.  We would like to remind everyone that the council would not accept any liability for personal injury in the event of an accident"




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